Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's business time

Since I have been working on Ali's dress I have gotten some offers to do even more.

I am going to design a keepsake blanket out of a childs clothing for his bar mitzvah and I am even going to design some more outfits for friends.

My gal pal Megan is all about me designing clothing now that she wants to do a trade. She crochets and is going to trade a hand crocheted blanket for an outfit made just for her. I'm totally down with this trade. It's great!

Other than that I am going to design an outfit for my old school-mate Brit. All she did was send me her measurements and I'm going to go from there. And she's even going to pay me! I'm liking the sound of that. If anyone wants something made especially for them, send me your measurements and I'll go from there. I can even schedule some fittings for you.

On a separate topic, I was informed that there are markets around the city where people sell different homemade articles. I of course already knew this, but learned that purses are sold at these venues. How great that I make purses! So, I have decided that in my other random spare time between designing clothing I am going to bang out some purses and find out how to sell them at these markets.

Ali's dress should be finalized within the next week, so final shots will be ready for that!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm a designer!

I know it's been a long time since I've posted, but now I am going to make this a regular habit so everyone can see what I'm designing.

My dear friend Ali is getting married in June and I thought to my self "Hmm, what can I give her as a wedding present that no one else would give?" A dress! So, I have been designing a dress for her to wear on her honeymoon. This morning was her first fitting. I can't believe how great she looks and how great the dress looks on her!
This whole process has been made easier by the fact that that I am now the proud owner of a dress form. I only got it on Saturday and have already been designing away. It's the most fun I've had in a long time.

The other week when I brought up the idea of the dress for Ali we were talking about what my store's name could be (down the line when I actually have the start up capital to do so) and we came up with a great name. Collina's Clothing. See Collina is my middle name, and I don't feel pretentious enough to name it Alexis, so I think it's a good fit.

Here are the pictures of the dress thus far. I still have to put cups in for the bust and connect the whole dress, but it looks pretty great.