Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's business time

Since I have been working on Ali's dress I have gotten some offers to do even more.

I am going to design a keepsake blanket out of a childs clothing for his bar mitzvah and I am even going to design some more outfits for friends.

My gal pal Megan is all about me designing clothing now that she wants to do a trade. She crochets and is going to trade a hand crocheted blanket for an outfit made just for her. I'm totally down with this trade. It's great!

Other than that I am going to design an outfit for my old school-mate Brit. All she did was send me her measurements and I'm going to go from there. And she's even going to pay me! I'm liking the sound of that. If anyone wants something made especially for them, send me your measurements and I'll go from there. I can even schedule some fittings for you.

On a separate topic, I was informed that there are markets around the city where people sell different homemade articles. I of course already knew this, but learned that purses are sold at these venues. How great that I make purses! So, I have decided that in my other random spare time between designing clothing I am going to bang out some purses and find out how to sell them at these markets.

Ali's dress should be finalized within the next week, so final shots will be ready for that!

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